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1550 Residenza d’Epoca is a place of the heart is a dive into the past for contemporary travelers.
Ideal residence for those who love to live in Siena, “the most beautiful city”.
(quote from the Sienese folk song La Verbena).

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1550 Residenza d’Epoca is located in the historic center of Siena, a jewel city renowned throughout the world for its riches of art and ancient traditions. The house has been finely restored inside Palazzo Pannilini, a noble building built at the end of the Renaissance, in 1550 (date to which we owe the name of the Residence). The Palazzo is elegantly set in one of the most ancient streets of the city, Casato di Sopra. The Boutique Residence, as we love to define the Residence is located in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of the city. Its small trattorias or its artisan workshops offer visitors the real feeling of a return to the slow rhythms of the past. Within walking distance you can reach the most beautiful places of Siena. Coming down from Via del Casato you find yourself in front of the splendid Piazza del Field. Going up the opposite direction, you will reach the Duomo and the museum complex of Santa Maria della Scala. For lovers of the music a stone’s throw from the residence is the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, an excellent historical institution in Siena. For those who want immerse yourself in an oasis of silence beyond the Arch of St. Augustine, ancient city gate and the heart of the Contrada della Tartuca, you reach to the ancient Orto dei Semplici Garden today the Botanical Garden of the University and the Orto de’Oolomei surrounded by olive trees.

logo stella 1550

I like to imagine my guests
as romantic foreign travelers in the land of Siena
in the wake of the Grand Tour

Francesca Ghezzi


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